Success is on the other side of your greatest fear. To be dauntless is to be incapable of being intimated or subdued; bold; intrepid.  At every turn, todays youth are being inundated with a message of fear.  It is intentional and by now, we can all agree that it has been affective.

To retreat and isolate is the next step.  Anxiety and depression are a close follow.  To cope, teens go inward, become glued even further to their phones, inactive, alone in a world of 8 billion people.

The antidote to fear is faith.  The remedy for anxiety is movement.  The countermeasure to isolation is adventure.  Simple truths that are blatantly being ignored or worse, intentional suppressed and minimized as a real solution.

Dauntless Nation has developed programs that simulate real life to train teens how to navigate through life's challenges, to have courage when faced with fears and to celebrate the adventure of life.  

This is not rocket science but it is 'scientifically' and medically proven that exercise and a sense of anticipation and excitement release endorphins, which are natural chemicals in your body that create feelings of happiness.  It has been studied that when people, at any age, develop deep, honest connections and build relationships with those they can trust, their lives dramatically improve.

Disconnection to other humans and to ones purpose here on earth have caused a great wave of loneliness, suicidal thoughts, suicide, cutting and drug and alcohol abuse.  Our youth struggle to truly experience the joy and freedom that comes with being a kid. 

Not here.  Not at Dauntless Nation.  We stand guard at the hearts of this generation and the next. We will not back down.  Fighting for their freedom is serious business.

Become a 'Guardian of Dauntless Nation' by committing to praying with us and standing for the youth of America and around the world.

Those warriors out there fighting the good fight, we see you.  We know we are not alone but there are far too few of us with boots on the ground.  

Buy a t-shirt, share our posts, sponsor a teen or just spread the word... together with we win because when you mess with our children, YOU HAVE AWOKEN A SLEEPING GIANT!
Carry On Soldiers!