Dreaming is everything.  It is vital part of being human. Our minds eye was given to us by God for a purpose.  To have vision, to connect to what we are called to do and be.  Our dreams guide us and anchor us into a path of success. They shape our life choices and give us energy to move forward. They empower us to set up our life trajectory. Taking steps towards those dreams gives us a sense of accomplishment that builds confidence and self-esteem.

So, what happens when we stop dreaming? And more importantly, why do we stop dreaming? Living in a state of 'survival' is the #1 Dream Killer. Why? Because when we operate from a place of survival, we cannot create anything new. All of our energy is going inward, dealing with the pain, the heartache and the effects of trauma. We can't see beyond our circumstances or our inner turmoil.

At Dauntless Nation, our number one mission is to help those we serve to dream again and DREAM BIG. Without a vision for our lives, we begin to diminish. Our energy for anything new fades away and hopelessness sets in. When in survival, our dreams are what we first abandon yet our dreams for our future are the most vital part of our being because the Creator of all things is who instilled those dreams for a purpose.

It is said many different ways, but a dream without a plan is just a wish. Yes, this is true but when a child has stopped dreaming, or worse, feels unworthy to aspire to such greatness, it is our duty to serve them and them ignite a fire within. At Dauntless, we are committed to serving this generation in a way unlike what they experience from social media and in most schools.  We stir those burning desires and help them discover what is already inside of them.... their path, their purpose, the thing that gets them excited to LIVE.

We refuse to settle for what the world is offering.   And with all the chaos and comparison in society today, all of us could use a little more passion. 

As Les Brown has says, "Shoot for the moon because if you miss, you will still be among the stars".

 Partner with us and most of all... DREAM BIG!