Dauntless Nation Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the program, was founded in 2011. The nonprofit provides personal development training for at-risk youth while also funding an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya housing up to 300 orphans.  The purpose of our missions in Kenya is to provide opportunities for the youth to serve abroad and in that, appreciate the freedoms and unlimited possibilities offered here in the US.

The youth in America need all of us to come together for their future and the future of this great nation. Our youth are hurting and lack many of the basic skills to navigate through life successfully.  We provide trainings that strengthen the family unit and offer a community of support and encouragement.

Our mission is that no teen is left behind.  When you sponsor a teen through one of our programs, you are supporting a family that lack the current resources to pay for the program. We are partnering with individuals and corporations that care about the direction we are headed in as a society and desire to provide a sacred place for the youth to grow and thrive with purpose and meaning.

This is how we change a generation. 

This is how we impact the world.


Dauntless Nation Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

Tax ID 45-2539728

Your donation is tax deductible.